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We are pleased to announce that Rich TV/Video is fully qualified in the operation of drones, holding the PfCO/ OA & A2CofC CAA license. We now offer aerial drone videography and photography for a number of services:

– Events
– Weddings
– Corporate
– Education
– Aerial inspection
– Emergency services
– Film and TV
– Marine services



Our chief pilot Dave Richardson overseas every drone operation (Himself a CAA flight assesor/examiner for Hummingbird Helicopters UAV, ensuring the relevant legalities are in place by referring to our CAA approved operations manual. We also have standby pilots who are fully qualified PfCO/ OA/ A2CofC and a team of fully trained co-pilots/observers.


Logos on Stockport County night shot



As a professional licensed company, we pride ourselves on giving a personalised service to all our clients. We also offer 24/7 call out services across all industries as we have two drone aircraft’s available at any time. Clients we had worked with:
– Oil companies
– Estate agents
– Building companies
– Football clubs
– Yacht manufacturers
– Photographers





As a CAA approved drone operators we believe in working with the clients budget. When booking any drone company they MUST be registered with the CAA, as if they are not it is illegal to operate commercially even if the operation is done for free in a business environment.

Further details can be found on https://www.caa.co.uk/Consumers/Unmanned-aircraft/General-guidance/Drone-operators-with-a-valid-CAA-permission-for-commercial-work/